The Enlightened Ones

Some individuals, usually of very high ranking in the Church of Unity, become so devoted to Semevo that their very appearance becomes changed. They seem to glow even when there is no light. Furthermore, their eyes shine so brightly that the iris and pupil cannot be seen.

It has been argued that Brother Nathaniel was an Enlightened One, but records are inconclusive. Most High Clerics are Enlightened Ones.

Playing an Enlightened One
Most Enlightened Ones are aloof and a little stuck up. Their attentions are usually focused on furthering the cause of Semevo and anything else is not worth focusing on. Enlightened Ones make very excellent clerics and will happily heal for a party if they follow Semevo. They also make excellent monks or paladins.

Enlightened Ones use the stats of aasimar but retain most of the appearances of the individual’s race they had before becoming Enlightened.

The Enlightened Ones

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