Satori are especially devoted followers of the goddess of shadows and mischief, Brincadeira. Their high levels of devotion have changed their entire beings, making them appear as shades of their former selves. As a result, they can easily disappear into the shadows. Most Satori are very skilled thieves or spies, using their shadowy appearance to their advantage.

Most Satori do not live in Zusamul as their appearance gives them away as heretics in the eyes of the Church of Unity. Several have moved to Newport with great success, as their thievery is an asset to them there.

Playing a Satori
Satori make excellent thieves and assassins. Personality-wise, Satori tend to be mischievous to a fault, using their abilities to play tricks on others. Most Satori keep to themselves as other races do not trust them. Some join theive’s guilds for money and camaraderie.

Players looking to create a Satori should use the stats of the planetouched tiefling race.


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