…Olivia could feel a strange presence reaching out to her, showing her images of power. “Follow me and you could receive all of this,” it suggested to her wordlessly. “You only need to give yourself to me….”

Though some spellcasters believe that their magic comes from within themselves, it is actually drawn from the powers of beings that exist in other planes. These beings are viewed as deities by the inhabitants of earth and are frequently worshipped as such. The most prominent example of this is the Church of Unity.

Legends say that long ago (the beginning of time, year 0), the earth was created by the planar beings. It was then populated with many things that the planar beings created, including plant and animal life. Though the world was beautiful, it did not satisfy the beings’ desire for entertainment. Thus, each deity created a race of creatures that were capable of consciousness and rational thinking. The planar beings made a contest to see which entity could get the most creatures’ devotion. In return for the devotion of their worldly subjects, the beings would give them a very small portion of their own power. The more devoted a creature was, the more power they would receive in return. However, the deity always received more power from the sacrifices and ceremonies that their devotees would perform. Some deities seek to gain enough power to materialize on earth and rule it.

Certain planar beings did not reveal themselves to life on earth right away because they gain enough power through avenues that do not include followers. Semevo, for example, first revealed herself to Brother Nathaniel because she was gaining power from life itself. Barastyr did not reveal himself until around 1350 because he had been gaining power from those who had died.

It is important to note that not every creature on earth can create a bond of shared power with a deity that culminates in magical powers. Still, these creatures that are especially devoted to their planar being find themselves with improved physical abilities. Oftentimes, they don’t even notice that they are more gifted in these areas than other creatures.


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