Exploration has only taken off recently for citizens of Iosco. Though they knew of the existence of the continent to the south and the Dragonlands, Arenac is a fairly new discovery.

Most of the reason that Arenac and, to a lesser extent, the Dragonlands went largely unexplored was due to the chaos of the Era of the Dead. Because most resources and people were put towards fending off the dead, building and populating a ship was an impossible task. Without the fear of revenants, exploration of the sea has become a more realistic possibility.

There are still some sailors that refuse to travel too far because of their fear of falling off the ends of the world. Still more are excited by the prospect of new, unknown destinations, unafraid of the rumors of ships that left and never returned.

The Dragonlands

Recently, ships from Iosco have established trade routes with the Dragonlands. Both Zusamel and Raghnall value the multitude of exotic goods that the Dragonlands produce. Its citizens craft weapons using the knowledge gifted to a few skilled weaponsmiths by the dragons that give the land its namesake.


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