Era of the Dead

…The countryside was entirely barren. Streaks of old, dried blood dotted the highways, but there were never any bodies to be found. All the dead had either been burned or turned….

1400 years after the creation of sentient creatures, Barastyr, a planar deity who has power over death, had gained many followers. For many centuries, Barastyr felt he did not need followers because all souls that entered death contributed to his power. Eventually, as the other planar beings grew stronger, he felt that his dominion over death was not enough. Barastyr chose his followers carefully: willful people who thirsted for great strength. Barastyr gave his followers part of his power over death, allowing them to bring the souls of the deceased back into life.

This power proved to be too strong for most mortals to handle. At first, only one or two necromancers popped up around the countryside. The mages who followed the being of fire, Jag, were more than enough to burn up the scores of corpses before they did too much damage. But more necromancers started appearing and hundreds revenants started storming towns and settlements. As each town fell, the number of revenants grew. Eventually, there were many abandoned towns dotting Iosco’s countryside. At the peak of the Era of the Dead, it was rumored that the population of the dead outnumbered the population of the living.

There was one stronghold of humanity that resisted death’s cold grip: Lichden. Naturally, the hordes of revenants surrounded the city, led by the most powerful necromancer in the world, an elf who called himself Beelzebub. Most of the dead had gathered there, along with almost all of the necromancers that were sweeping Iosco with their minions. Beelzebub’s plan was to take Lichden and then move onto the neighboring continent of Lindormur, the land of dragons, until eventually, the entire world was just a land of corpses and Barastyr claimed his victory over the other planar beings.

Beelzebub never got to claim his victory because he was not expecting the likes of Brother Nathaniel to exist. He knew that Lichden was holding out against the dead, but he wasn’t sure why. When Brother Nathaniel stepped out from the gates of Lichden into the horde of undead, he quickly found out. Brother Nathaniel knelt in the midst of the walking corpses eyes facing the dark, overcast sky, and said a prayer to Semevo. Miraculously, the clouds cleared from the sky and a beam of light so bright that no man could look upon it encircled the horde of dead. A great, horrible cry rose up from the mass of undead. When the light cleared, all that remained was a charred field and the smell of burnt flesh.

This miracle brought many converts to the Church of Unity . A statue of Brother Nathaniel stands in the middle of Lichden, kneeling in prayer with one hand on his sword and his eyes facing sightlessly towards the sky. Despite the fact that this great horde of undead was defeated, some revenants still roamed Iosco. It took a few years to eliminate all of them, but the destructive will of the necromancers had dissipated after hearing of Brother Nathaniel’s miraculous prayer.

Era of the Dead

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