Dwarves live primarily in the vast mountain ranges in the Dragonlands. They are most known for their impressive cave halls carved directly out of the mountains and of the weapons they forge using knowledge given to them by dragons. These weapons are powerful and magical, imbued with great power that devastates the flesh it hews.

Though dwarves are found in small numbers in the mountains of the continent south of Iosco, most of their population is centered in the mountains of the Dragonlands. Dwarves are not readily found outside of mountains so their presence in the rest of the world is extremely limited. Dwarves usually follow a god of forging.

Playing a Dwarf
Dwarves make good fighters and barbarians. Many do not speak common because they have never left their mountain. If you decide to play a dwarf, you should consider why your character chose to venture into the world. Are they young and desiring adventure? Were they banished from their mountain halls?

Most dwarves are short-tempered and care not for matters outside the realm of their mountains.


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