Brother Nathaniel

…People were holding him back, begging him not to go but he pulled himself out of their grasp and slipped through the city gates. An ocean of dead faced him, the smell of rotting flesh hitting him in the face right as he emerged from Lichden’s gates. “You are destined for greatness,” something within him said, “Do not be afraid. They cannot hurt you.” So, he knelt and said a prayer, tapping into that strange newfound power he had within himself: “Please, Semevo, remove this scourge from the earth so that your people may prosper once more.” In answer, the very heavens seemed to open up and Nathaniel was blinded….

Brother Nathaniel was the first follower of Semevo, the planar being of life and light. Nathaniel first received knowledge of her when he was lost on Mount Langren outside of Lichden. Starved and delirious, he felt a presence reach out to him that offered a way back to Lichden in return for his devotion. He accepted and when he returned to Lichden, he began proselytizing for Semevo. He called himself “brother” because he wanted to appear more genial and approachable to people. It was this mindset that was behind the name for the Church of Unity.

Brother Nathaniel received the most converts to the Church of Unity after he saved Lichden (and all of humanity) from the threat of the dead during the Era of the Dead . After he destroyed the horde of undead, all of Lichden was clamoring to become a member of the Church of Unity. He was even elected to be Zusamul’s new ruler, an honor which he declined, saying that he would rather continue to spread the Church of Unity around the world. Instead, Jedidiah, his first and most loyal convert, was chosen to be the first theocratic leader of Zusamul.

Brother Nathaniel never married, as he was celebate. He wrote the first holy text for the Church of Unity, called Lightbringer, which he said was given to him word for word by Semevo. It is rumored that, when he died, he ascended into the sky in a beam of light.

Brother Nathaniel

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