…“Aye, Newport. The freest city in the world for whores, heretics, and honest thieves like me…”

Newport, creatively named for its seaside location, is a thriving port city in Arenac. Much of its population is comprised of religious refugees from Iosco trying to flee the influence of the Church of Unity. The characteristic white habits of the Church of Unity’s members are seen few and far between here and it is not uncommon for a Brother who is out too late by themselves to mysteriously disappear. The population is made up of a whirlwind of different races, including drow, elves, humans, halflings, satori, elemental masters, orcs, and a few dwarves brave enough to endure the months-long journey across the ocean.

Crime is rampant in Newport due to the lack of anything resembling an organized police force. Prostitution is very common and people tattooed for thievery back in Zusamul proudly show their marks.

Mysterious rumors have been spreading in Newport. Smaller settlements nearby have been abruptly abandoned by their citizens. Even stranger, rumors of zombie hordes are spreading in the taverns of Newport. Some claim that many travelers getting goods from the mountains for shipping have not made it to their destination. Though most of the population shrugs this off as sheer speculation, some are avid believers in the resurgence of necromancers.


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